Power Networks

Equipment and service of the cable power transmission lines
Power Networks

1. Equipment and service of the cable power transmission lines:

  • Laying of the power cables of up to 10 kV;
  • Installation of rear cable couplers;
  • Installation of the transit, accounting, distribution cabinets;

2. Equipment and service of the aerial power transmission lines.

3. Equipment of the fibre-optic cable lines near the cable power transmission lines.

4. Equipment of the wiring inside the buildings.

5. The Company performs construction and renovation operations on transport and engineering communications by applying trenchless technologies which constitute one of the main directions of the expansion of the Company’s business activities. Nnew pipelines are laid and old pipelines under the road coverings, railways, water bodies are renovated with the help of these advanced technologies.

6. With the available technological equipment, the Company is able to implement complex and large projects, offer its clients more economical methods of construction and modern technology for their implementation.

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